Friday, 7 April 2017

Line Friends Store and O'Sulloc Tea House @ Seoul, Korea

Another place checked.
LINE Friends Store, Myeongdong.
Busy street as usual.

Super adorable sweet treats available at the entrance.

Another thing not to missed while visiting here.


Everyone does take a picture with this bear before stepping in the shop.
So be patient while waiting the queue to take photo.

Picture with da LINE bear.

Sweet treats at the entrance of the shop.

Everything in this shop is just so so so tempting !!
But but...
Can't buy everything :(
So just bought some little souvenirs from this shop.

Line bear hairband.
So cute <3

Bought myself ice cream.
*Taste normal*
But nice to take picture xD

Short video while in Line Friends Store.

Spent about an hour at the line shop next destination the Korea famous O'Sulloc Tea House.

A green tea fan must not missed this.

Basically a green tea heaven inside this shop.

Drinks to food, everything is about GREEN TEA ! <3

Limited seats available.

Ordered their green tea frap and cake to try.

Nothing wow me. 
Ordinary , but did bought few bottles of their green tea spreads.
I felt the spreads were too sweet for me ><"

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Famous Kiss the Tiramisu Ice Cream @ Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

The busy street Hongdae crowded with youngsters and people.
Although it's late night but still very happening.
Somewhere you can shops for clothes and trendy stuff.
You can basically find everything here. !

 Beside Tony Moly shop.
Passed by and saw this Kiss the TIRAMISU shop.
Lots of people waiting in the queue.
So i've decided to join the crowd also.

I wonder how it taste since the queue is kinda long.

After the long wait, finally my turn :D

It's a small shop. They don't have any sits available for you to enjoy your ice-cream.
So it's for takeaway only :/

They shaved the cocoa powder and make the ice-cream infront of you.

The making of Kiss the TIRAMISU ice-cream.


I ordered the original one.

It's well presented

The ingredient used were fresh.

It even have mascarpone cheese inside the ice-cream.
The espresso taste just goes well with the ice cream.
Rich and creamy texture 

9-1 Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu Seoul, Korea