Wednesday, 8 March 2017

云海小聚 Wanhoi Yamcha @Sky Avenue, Genting Highland

It's been sometime since i've visited Genting Highland.
It used to be my last time night time hangout place for Starbucks years back :D

Since now there's this Sky Avenue just opened at Genting, there's another reason for me to pay a visit.

The Sky Avenue have lots of other trending eats like Llao Llao, Gindaco and more.

Since i'm craving for dimsum, so decided to try this Wanhoi Yamcha.
It's inspired by Oversea Restaurant.
The plate design.
3D fish inside the plate.

Phoenix Pastry with Lotus and Egg Yolk

I loved the design of this pastry, it comes with this cage !
So adorable.
But still i gonna eat it :D

Other than looking good, but it does taste good also.

BBQ Pork Steamed Bun

Cute piggys spotted . 

Another highlight food for egg yolk lovers !

Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun

Other than this dimsum i also ordered other food, most of the food taste par to their standard.

Wanted to try their charsiews but we're too early for that.
Maybe next time :/

*The price stated above are all price for Genting member*

It's located at Level T2, Sky Avenue.

*It's a corner shop near Gindaco*

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