Sunday, 26 March 2017

Poulet Chicken @ Hongdae, Seoul

So today i'll talk about my past short trip in Korea.

My sister local korean friend had suggested to have dinner at this Poulet Chicken at Hongdae area.
It's also very well known among the locals.

The shop location is inside somewhere of the streets of Hongdae which i also didn't know the direction to there.

I just follow them along.
We walked quite some distance from the main street to this restaurant.

This Poulet Chicken shop is very well known for their chicken dishes.
Especially the carbonara chicken.

After a hectic day.
Before having our meal.

Beers please :x

I seldom drink beer but since we're having chicken.
Korean used to have beers and chicken for their meals.
It does a good combination.


Their beers are light and refreshing, so it's acceptable for me.

Fries with cheese sauce.


Carbonara Chicken 
They fried the chicken and top with generous amount of creamy carbonara sauce and some onions on top.
The portion is very big.
Even though 4 of us struggle to finish the food.

It's so so so sinful.
Every bite was so so so satisfying

They also have some side dish for us to eat while waiting for the main course.

Pay a visit here if you're at Hongdae area.

Their food is super comforting :p

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