Saturday, 3 September 2016

Event: The All-New MILBON Signature Line Launching in Malaysia

Anyone heard of Milbon hair care series?
Milbon a professional brand since 1965.
It is also very well known in Japan.
Now you can get to use their product in Malaysia at NEKDERX  !

Beautiful from the inside out

360 Degress Beautiful Hair
Healthy and beautiful from any angle, inside and out :D

Something that every girl wants.
Good hair day everyday 

Thank you for the invitation for the exclusive launch of Milbon in Malaysia by NEKDERX  :)

They have 3 range which is SMOOTH, MOISTURE and REPAIR.

The all new Milbon signature line have five decades of cutting-edge research delivered a major breakthrough.

- A range of products specifically designed to repair never-before seen parts of your hair.

Their unique fusion of science and creativity ensures every salon-exclusive product they create is delightful, easy and undeniably effective.

Milbon has a unique 5-week maintenance regimen.

Each Milbon Signature Line professional treatment includes a homecare kits, with four weekly boosters that ensure salon results continue for 5 weeks.

Now you can have salon good looking hair even without visiting salon. :)

SSVR-Silk is now incorporated throughout the all-new Milbon Signature Line.

Every product in the SMOOTH, MOISTURE, and REPAIR collections helps restore hair's integrity and shine, while offering targeted solutions to enhance manageability.

Suitable for textural concerns.
Instantly detangels and improves the feel of hair, giving it a soft, silky-smooth finish.
Designed for fine, medium and coarse hair
Fresh, floral scent.

There's also other which is MOISTURE series.
It's for dull, dry and porous hair.
Suitable for people who always color their hair very often.
This is what you should use to pamper your hair after damaging with hair colouring.
Fruity aqueous scent for MOISTURE series.

Lastly, REPAIR
It's for severely damaged and over-processes hair.
It will restore hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged before.
It have a warm and sweet scent.

Unique table design :D

Dinner with appetizer, main course and dessert.

Got their smooth series shampoo and smoothing treatment product to try.

I just started to use it yesterday, so gonna update regarding this product soon.

So.. STAY TUNED fore more :)

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