Friday, 12 August 2016

White Mojo @ Balwyn, Melbourne

Been more than a week in Australia, Melbourne one week back.
So gonna update with something regarding this trip.

Australia is well known for their cafes.
Of course it's a must to visit their cafes for brunch !

One of my to do list in Melbourne checked ! :D

Thanks to my best friend bring me around and guide me for this 10 days trip !
So there's a hype regarding soft shell crab croissant.


So it's winter, so we decided to sit inside because outside is freezing cold :/

Oh yeah forgot to mention that i went to the Balwyn branch because near where my friend stays. 
Recently opened near that area.

Their main branch is at the city, so if you're in the city it's more convenient for you to visit their main branch.

Hipster and comfortable interior design

Their food menu

I spotted what i wanted order already. :D
White Mojo Croissant Burger

Drinks Menu

Healthy bowls like granola are available too if you wanna eat something healthy.

Ordered something hot to keep my body warm.

Chai Latte
It's a must to order when you're is Aussie.
I don't know why but Aussie's chai latte taste awesome !

Matcha Latte

The must order food !

White Mojo Croissant Burger
Everything just perfectly done.
The croissant's skin was crispy and crunchy.
Really goes well with the soft shell crab and eggs.
Small piece of smoked eel found inside too.
SINFUL and enjoyable with every bite <3

Pork Benedict 

Taste better than i imagine.

Yumzy in da tummy.

My day 1 brunch was super satisfied. !

Remember to check their opening hours before visiting.

Because most of the shops in Aussie close around 5pm in the evening unless weekend.

182-184 Whitehorse Road,
Balwyn, Melbourne

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