Friday, 24 July 2015

Exploring Bangkok Less Than 24 Hour :D

Well, finally i'm back for blogging :D
Anyway gonna summarize my trip which is less than 24 hours stay in Bangkok :)

Since time is constraint, i decided to rush to Platinum Mall after checked in the hotel.
Used their airport rail link to stopped at Ratchaprarop and take about 10 minutes walk to Platinum mall. It's easy to find the mall because after u stopped at this station just walk all the way straight and you'll be able to see the fashion mall.

Platinum mall is very big and lots of clothes for sale.
The place for all ladies who likes to shop and you'll able to get lots of clothes with affordable prices.

Since no time for street food so went inside the Platinum food court to grab something before shopping.

I don't know what to eat, so i saw this kway chap lots of people ordering so i just follow xD
Anyway not bad la .
Cost around 50baht.
Rice noodle with pork soup and pork ingredients.
But i don't like the pork blood.
The moment i chew it i split it out, i can't accept the texture of the pork blood :/

Of course not to miss dessert in Bangkok.
Mango sticky rice, but taste so so .
Nothing to shout out.
I think those streets one are better compared to the food court inside the mall.

Since after my meal it's already 6 something.
I quickly went shopping and doesn't get to see much because no time :(

After i saw most of the shop close i went out the street in front of the mall to walk.
The platinum closed at 8pm?
Kinda early rightt D:
It's like pasar malam.
I'm not sure it opens everyday or not or just weekends.
I'm here on Friday night. So yea, gotta chance to see their street market outside the mall.

Something i discovered along the street market.
The moment i saw this i'm like omggg. 
Can't resist the cuteness must buy!
And it cost only 25 baht per pao.

If you wanna bring back, you can ask for those haven't steam yet for bringing home :D
I bought 6 paos and it comes with a box.
I choosed minion,piggy,doraemon and more.
Actually wan the rilakkuma but finish already.

After bringing back, i tried their pao.
It's soft fluffy texture, kinda nice. :)
Next time come sure i'll buy again !! xD

The street itself also have vendor selling food, but since i'm full so didn't buy to try.
I also did my passport holder at the street market.
It cost only 150baht. So cheap :o
But need to wait for sometime la :)

Passed by wanted to buy but no one here. 
Oh well it's time to go back for some sleep zzz.

On the way to 7 eleven from my hotel i saw this holika holika vending machine .
So niceee eh.

But still not available for buying yet. xD

The yumzy junk food i got from 7 eleven. Actually wanna drop by Big C for food since it's kinda late so i just decided to go 7eleven to grab some snacks before leaving :p

The Thai version of Tokyo Banana taste exactly same with the Japan version cost only 12baht.
I just bought few of them, if i know it's so nice i gonna grab bunch of them before i leave :(
Anyway gonna grab a lot next time if i have the chance to visit bangkok again :D
Of course something not to be missed - POCKY and MEIJI BANANA MILK !

OKAY, gonna end here for my half day Bangkok trip.
Hope you enjoyed reading :D


  1. hahaha the paossss so cute! :)

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