Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Basic Everyday Makeup for my 2015 Makeup

My 2015 Makeup.
Back to simple basic pink.
It's suitable for all time because it doesn't look too over and simple.

The beauty products that i got from Butterfly Malaysia beauty box . (Y)
There's HotLights Lip Gloss from Collection, Baby Line Color Lip Balm and Color Show Nail Color from Maybelline and Dolly Wink eyeliner. 

Dolly Wink Eye Liner
Got this Japanese brand eye liner in the beauty box.
For me eyeliner is a must because it can definitely makes your eye bigger !
Normally i will use those eye liners that got sharp tips which makes it more convenient to draw a thin line.
This dolly wink eye liner is definitely suitable for beginners !
It's super easy to draw thin line and it won't smudge easily.

Just a thin line and you're done!
It also stays for long hour :)

Electro Pop Baby Line by Maybelline New York
Got it in pink shock color.
Anyway it's a lip balm !
At first i thought it will be shocking bright pink if i apply on my lips but it turns out to be light texture pink. It's moisturizing and doesn't feel sticky. 

HOTLIGHTS Lip Gloss from Collection
First time seeing something like this xD
Guess what so special about this lip gloss?

The moment u open the lip gloss it have a LED LIGHT !

Now you can even apply it even in dark lightning area.
The lip gloss is shimmery glossy pink.
If u prefer a more glossier lips you can apply this after any lipsticks.
Just a thin layer of it and you're done  :)

For me i loves basic simple colours especially PINK !
Since i received most of the products are in pink which i totally will always be using it.
WHEE. <3


The color of this nail color is soft which i totally like the color.

With Specs selfie.

Lastly, a big thanks to Butterfly Project to letting me to try out these cool products.
Especially the lip gloss surprised me xD.
So this will be my 2015 Makeup .

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