Monday, 12 January 2015

Mitsubishi Electric Home Refrigerator

Mitsubishi Electric's home refrigerator all uses:

1st to introduce new nano glass coating teachnology application to generate glass-like clarity and high-spangle surface effect that makes this looks more luxury .

Inverter Compressor
10 patterns of compressor operation for more efficiency, more durable and saving energy more.

Multi Fan
More fan in refrigeration room and compressor room with 5 patterns of fan operation,

Neuro Fuzzy System
Make your life easier with smart system to remember your lifestyle to adjust most efficiency operation,

They have ranging from 1 door to 4 doors and also freezer too.

This is their MR-L78E (710L) with 950w x 764D x 1820H (mm) .
It's their 4 doors refrigerator.
Classy and luxury outer design with stylish handle design and strong comfortable grip.
Thus, the eco mode automatically lowers the energy consumption level during non-peak hours.
It also have a scene adjusted control (Microprocessor) that will memorizes the household's usage patterns through various time frames automatically operate the most optimal conditions by Microprocessor. 

For this model it's available in stainless steel and diamond black color.
Interior design of this refrigerator.
It's big capacity offers large storage with a suitable combination of refrigerator room, vegetable room and freezer room.

With this humidity control, the ideal surroundings for vegetables and fruit to stay crisper and fresher for longer. A top tray which slides back is idea for storing smaller items, with a deep base underneath for larger vegetables. 
Next, the triple color LED light which help to increase vitamins 1.5 times acts as a 'miniature sun' to help promote longer-lasting freshness , sustain nutrients, and increase vitamins in vegetables.

Other function includes door alarm as it keeps your food tasty and fresh, also preserve energy loss by reminding you when the door is not closed for 1 minute.

The auto ice maker can rapidly make 100 ice cubes in half the time required with less 'anxious' noise and its UV light remove chlorine and lead to make ice cubes.

Lastly, the surround multi air-flow system distributes uniform cooling air via 6 temperature regulating points in the refrigerator to all shelves. Minus Ion is to increase moisture inside the fridge and to preserve nutritional value of food.

For their home refrigerator, they will provide a 10 YEARS Compressor Warranty.

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