Friday, 9 January 2015

Mitsubishi Electric Bloggers Event

New year new products are coming their way !
Today were invited by Mitsubishi Electric event which to preview their upcoming new product.
First to get to know these awesome products. *YAY*
The picture above is Julie & Darren, they are the host for this event :)

Mitsubishi Electric's

Dedicated to continuously improving the quality of life of our customers and employees and well being of the society and environment.

As a trusted company, with a preferred brand, we aim to be the market leader consistently delivering innovative quality products and services.

Their core values are:


Their products are environmental friendly equipment .
Reflecting the global commitment of the Mitsubishi Electric Group in continuously striving for a greener tomorrow through cutting-edge environmental breakthroughs and outstanding manufacturing practices, Eco changes expresses the motivation behind the Group's stand on environmental management.

MEQ is a guarantee that every Mitsubishi Electric product undergoes painstaking research, relentless testing and continuous improvement. As a result, it leads edge products that perform exceptionally, consume minimal power yet protect your investment with a long operational lifespan.
They are embodied in three areas which are:


Their products includes:
- Air Conditioner
- VRF System
- Home Refrigerator
- Electric & Ventilation Fan
- Air Curtain
-Water Pump
- Hand Dryer

For this event, they had prepared lots of interesting games for us to let us know more about their products.

Before the game starts, they had some explanation regarding their latest Inverter (R410a) room air conditioner as they have Plasma Quad, Easy Clean, 3D I-See Sensor, Nano-Platinum Filter.
For more details i will be posting on the upcoming post :)
After the explanation, we headed to the place where their latest products were displayed.
After the explanation of how the easy clean works.
The first game is to finish to clean the air cond with the fastest time team wins.

This model have a easy detachable panel is a snap to wash and the airflow vents can be opened without any special tools for quick cleaning of the inside of the air conditioner be cleaned regularly as this will increase both operating efficiency and energy-savings.

Even though i'm not good in these kind of electronic stuff.
I still manage to finish it within 28 seconds, but other group manage to finish in faster time :)
Although i think my team did a wrong decision choosing me to play in this round :/

The second star product which they introduce is their Jet Towel .
This Jet Towel is a compact body yet powerful and user friendly.
This hand dryer model were also used in many malls in Malaysia as example like One Utama.
It is cost reduction, no wastepaper and easy maintenance.
Now we can dry our hands within seconds and no need to wait with it's fast drying function.

For the second challenge, every team will have 2 person to take the challenge whichever have the least water print on the tissue papers wins.

Our team eco green wins for the second game :)

We had a short break for tea time and continue our journey to explore more about Mitsubishi Electric's products.
For this round is get to know about their Ventilation Fan.
Their ventilation fan have Premium Safety Standard, Non Self-Flammable Materials and Double Fuse Protection.

The third game for this event is to ensemble all the parts and the fastest will win.
This is to prove that it's user friendly that anytime we can just have a fast clean to keep the equipment clean to use!
This round won by Sushi team :)
During the game, everyone is rushing and without gentle care they just ensemble the ventilation fan, this proves that the material used is quality assured which will not break easily.

As for the last game, is regarding their Electric Fan.
Their electric fan includes living fan, tatami fan, cycle fan, desk fan, wall fan and ceiling fan.
The picture above is their Tatami Fan R18 which it has a larger 18 inch propeller.

The last round challenge is to take selfie with their R18 Tatami Fan.
The wind is strong enough to take a perfect selfie :p

Lastly, we end our event by  knowing more about their  home refrigerator thus we also get to try out their latest APP which going to launch in Android and Ios market.
For Android it will be launched in mid January 2015 while for Ios it will be launch end of January 2015. Download and try out this awesome APP .
What makes this app special is that you able to use this app and take the picture which u wish to place their product on your house.
This can let u make a better decision which model and colour to choose so you won't regret after buying it !

For information please visit,

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