Saturday, 17 January 2015

D.I.Y My Own Scents of Waxbitz Candle with Candle Pit Stop

Have anyone of you stomp across Ikano and saw this Candle Pit Stop before?
You'll be attracted with colourful and unique design of the shop,
It's right in front of Padini and opposite or Empro. :) 

Candle Pit Stop is a shop that u can D.I.Y your very own candle scents with their Waxbitz !
Be creative with your scents by mixing different scents of Waxbitz.
Their waxbitz are eco-friendly and 100% made with vegetable wax so that it'll burn well and safe with no chemical releasing soot.

There's 10 base colours and scents, you can mix them up to your liking and you're done by creating the scent or colour you desire to suit your mood, event or theme.

It's perfect for any occasions, any place and at any time.
All you need is some heat proof container .
Be creative with your design.
No more boring candles, mixing and create your own scents and design is so easy !
Their waxbitz is also reusable! Economy friendly!

Their pricing for the candle waxbitz.

Available in different sizes
All the sizes can mix with any scents you wan.
There's no restriction of the choice you wanted to mix together.

Their trading cards.
The 'Origins' collection .
These are limited editions cards where you'll get discounts from purchasing.

This flaming pot is for you to drop your creative scents and name.
You'll stand a chance of winning and become the monthly winner with your creativeness !

The bottle for you to SHAKE SHAKE to mix your creativity and blend together :D

I choosed strawberry and chocolate .
Sweet scents <3
Strawberry and chocolate goes well together :p

Having fun shaking the waxbitz so it'll mix together with the flavor you choosed.
For my flavor the color came out kind of red, since Chinese New Year is also around the corner. 
I named my mixing Dong Dong Qiang !
Thanks for the suggestion from Tammy . HAHA

Group picture with the shop owner and bloggers.

Friendly staff giving out hot dogs.
Only for this event. HAHA.
They don't sell hotdogs :p

Since Valentine's day is around the corner, there will be a special event going on.
On 14th February 2015, Candle Pit Stop will be at the SCORE CUPID DASH RUN held at Kepong Metropolitan Park. They will be showcasing their products in the constructed LOVERs BRIDGE of WAXBITZ and will also be given out for free and they will be having their mobile CPS cart ( a truly unique cart; will be revealed). 

On top of that, Candle Pit Stop will be creating a special scent for that event which you can guess on the SCORE CUPID DASH RUN FB. You'll win a whopping free 500g jerry can of that scent. 

The icing of the cake is going to sponsor waxbitz to light up this event. Wedding in this case ! :) The contest will also be on Score Dash Run FB. So people who's planning to get married this year, you could be the lucky winner !

Lot G27, GF, IPC Shopping Centre
Mutiara Damansara PJ

Tel: 017-2626697

Opening Hours:

For more information please visit,

Instagram @ candlepitstop

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