Thursday, 20 November 2014

Launch of Lux Fabulous Contest !

Lux has been composing beauty products since 1925, when it launched the world's first mass-market beauty shop, "made like the costliest French soap". Since then, it has been associated with over 400 of the world's most glamorous actresses from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to Aishwarya Rai and Shu Qi, to become the world's best selling soap bar, delighting women in over 100 countries everyday.

Lux believes that beauty doesn't have to be about hard work but rather, about pleasure - from the moment you step into the shower, the great feelings it creates to the fun you can have with the attention yo get afterwards. Their range of skin treats infused with fine fragrance composed by the world's best perfumes will delight your senses and make you feel like a million dollars, everyday.

The new Lux Classic Collection with Fine Fragrance was launched in early this year and is now available at all major retail outlets, 

The Lux 950ml is priced at RM17.90 and the 220ml is priced at RM6.00
While the refill pack of 600ml refill pack at RM8.90

It's cost friendly body wash :)

In Malaysia, the most recently brand ambassador of Lux is Nur Fazura.
She's gorgeous :D

Fans of iconic beauty brand Lux wil have the opportunity to win a Perodua Myvi or one of the five Vespas amongst other prizes in the nationwide Lux Fabulous Contest.

In addition, customers may try out the transformed classic soap and body wash range through this contest. You can choose whether to participate through our Lux Facebook page or find the contest form at any retail outlets available nearby.

The steps are simple. 
All participants need to do is rank Fazura's fabulous and dazzling dresses in accordance to what they think is the most popular. The entry that matches the final ranking the most accurately and with the best precious scent-sational moments description will stand a chance to win the PERODUA MYVI !

Once results are tabulated, participants with the closest match to the ranking result according to popular vote and possesses the most unique and creative answer to their scent-sational moments entry will win the grand prize of a brand new Perodua MYVI !

First prize winners will win one of five new Lux roving Vespa, while runner-up are entitled to 'Manisnya Cinta' movie screening with Nur Fazura, scheduled for release on 11 December 2014. Finally, 50 second runner-ups will bring home a one year supply of Lux products.

Selfie during the event.
Thanks Lux for invitation for the launch of the Lux Fabulous Contest!

For more information, 

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