Monday, 13 October 2014

守夜 Seventh Premiere Screening

Hello ALL !
Last week was glad  to attend movie premiere screening of Seventh 守夜 .
The movie "Seventh" is a Malaysia local production horror movie.
Thanks Manoah for the screening passes :D

Saw this scary ghost walking around the entrance hall. D:
-Hantu SUSU-

Group pictures with pretty ladies before entering :D

Actors of this horror movie includes Gino (宇腾) from Taiwan, Mindee(王欣) from Singapore, Kim( 邓绣金) from Malaysia and Teddy Chin(陈立谦)  

Lucky me last minute bump into this handsome Gino.
*Picture first xD*
-Bad lighting in the hall D:-

Picture with Mindee from Singapore.
She's the one that acting as hantu susu in this "Seventh" movie. :)

Selfie with Siew Cheng before the movie starts :D

Okay now back to the main point !
The movie "Seventh" is a local production horror film which directed by Ryon Lee.

This story revolves around a quarrelsome couple, Cannon and Mimi who are involved in an online photography competition. Only the theme of the competition is 'Supernatural', so keeping in line with it, the couple head to a mansion in a remote village that's known to be haunted. Upon their arrival, the housekeeper Mr.Huang dies of sickness and his funeral is held at the mansion. Yi, the grandson of the housekeeper arrives for the funeral in hopes to inherit his grandfather's fortune. However, when these new occupants of the mansion, Yi, Cannon and Mimi have to stay together for 7 days, they go through various conflict that include a mysterious woman from Yi's childhood and the other secrets the mansion is hiding.

What do I think about this movie after watching it :

I'm a big fan of horror films but rather than those ordinary scary horror film i think that this movie is suitable for watching with your family members and love ones too ;)
It's a funny and heartwarming horror film which i think to me it's not that scary xD
This is a films that trying to remind the young ones that they should remember the dead of their families member. Furthermore, this movie also shows the Chinese believes that the dead at the first 7 days they didn't know they were dead and the first 7 days they will do the things they normally did in their daily life before their death. 

I loves how Kim and Teddy Chin acted in the movie.
It's very entertaining and i can't stop laughing towards their cute quarrels and the things they did.

And also Mindee act as the Hantu Susu in the movie.

Anyway, this local horror production film will be screening in cinema on the 16 October 2014. !
Don't miss this local production horror film. !
Support local movie !

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