Sunday, 14 September 2014

Rexona New Improved Formula Rexona Spray Event

Last few weeks were invited to the lauching of new improved formula Rexona Event. !

Wide range of rexona for your needs !
Which to choose?

Selfie before event starts.
Before the event starts i get to go in a mini room to try their new improved rexona spray.
I personally like the smell of Passion.
Because later on we will be having activities running around for some mission to complete !

Bubble magic performance. !

After the performance, we were group in order to play the games.
We ran and hop around to finish our mission.
Using this rexona makes me feel fresh and confidence to move around without worrying.
Didn't manage to capture pictures during the game.
But it was a fun and interesting group activity !
Have lots of fun with my teammates :D

The world's leading deodorant brand, Rexona has launched the new improved Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect that specially formulated with body-responsive microcapsules technology that burst and release long-lasting fragrance allowing active women to enjoy all-day freshness.

Are you confidence enough ?
The new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect accommodates modern women who have busy lifestyle. The technology gives extra protection against sweat and odour as the microcapsules release bursts of fragrance throughout the day, giving them the confidence to do more during the day.

There are available in five variants to suit the different lifestyles

Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion, Whitening and Powder Dry.

-Shower clean gives you all-day shower freshness
-Free spirit will keep your confidence alive with it's uplifting mild fragrance for long-lasting dryness.
- Passion provides all-day dryness with its vibrant floral fragrance 
-Whitening formulated with natural sunflower seed oil give you fairer underarms in two weeks.
-Powder dry has two times more dryness protection with the benefits of talcum essence.

These deodorant sprays are now available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia.

For Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion and Powder Dry 150ml bottles are priced at RM11.90 while Whitening 150ml is priced at RM12.90

Have you ever spotted yellow stains on your favorite white top?
Do you fear to raise your arm only to notice yellow stains and white marks caused by your current deodorant?

Rexona has launched the new Rexona Invisible Dry for Men and Women with the best triple action formulation that provides all-day freshness and superior protection against yellow stains, white marks and sweat marks.

The new range will also provide you with all-day protection against sweat and odour up to 48 hours.

Rexona Invisible Dry 40ml roll-on for men and women are priced at RM7.20 
It is also available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia.

For more information please visit,

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