Friday, 5 September 2014

Manoah Bloggers Appreciation Night

It's been a while since i had parties !
Oh well, so fast it's September already D: 
How time flies ~
Last week finally had some fun night out with bloggers :D

Thanks Manoah for the invites for this Manoah Bloggers Appreciation Night :)

I was kind of late because i have some other things to do earlier .
I reached there around 11 something already? xD

And there's free flow of ASAHI beer all night long !

While drinking of course there's other things to play with. 
*See how Janice thinking which card to choose, but in the end she wins the game too :D*

Since the event is held at iDarts, Sunway Giza
Darts is a must to play here .

Although i don't know how to play darts, i still give it a try.
Actually it's kind of interesting.
After trying to play i found that the aiming is really hard for me D:
I should start playing and train this more often xD

Selfie first xD
And oh ya, the music that they were playing is awesome too !

Wefie with Siew Cheng, Janice and Li Chuen.
It's been a while since i meet them during events :)

Group picture with Don. !
Thanks Duncan for helping us to take pictures. 
Next time we should take together !

Another group picture.
Love Don's T-Shirt 

There's also a mini celebrating ceremony for Manoah Birthday.

Congratulations Don and thanks for the invites :)

It's been a great night out :D
Had lots of fun by enjoying myself with bunch of bloggers chit chatting with our free flow Asahi and playing darts with them through out the night !

Drinking is just too mainstream.
Playing darts with drinking is awesome !
It's a good hang out place had fun with friends :)

iDarts Quad Sunway Giza Mall
Lot A-13A-G, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

For more information,

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