Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Event: Philosophy Beauty Workshop

Set up of the beauty workshop.
Loves the design of this brand, simple and nice.

Before the event, selfie with Koey :)

Koey and Sandra :D

Beauty guru of the day for this workshop .

Purity made simple
First all all, we used this to remove our makeup.
It's a 3 in 1 face and eye make up cleanser formulated to cleanse, tone and remove all face and eye makeup for all skin types including sensitive skin.

My skin type is more to sensitive skin.
After using this i don't feel any irritation at all.
Thus it effectively remove my makeup gently :DD
My skin still feels good now. HEHE

the microdelivery peel
It smells like orange.
Vitamin C Peel !
This is inspired by the peels offered via dermatologists .

It feels abit warm after applying it, it's normal ! So no worries :D
Recommended to use once a week for normal skin condition.
After using it i felt my skin is glowing . 

Follow up we tried their eye cream.
Apply a size of a rice and gently massage around your eye area.
The picture above is the right way to massage your eye .

Last we tried their Moisturizer.
The picture above shows the correct way to massage our face with face cream.
The moisturizer doesn't feel sticky after applying on my face !

After finish using their products.
My skin feels softer and brighter !

Mini cute swiss rolls after the workshop for nomz.
All look so adorable and yummy !

other than face product they also selling body shower, perfumes and cosmetic !

These are the products i used for today's workshop.

Thanks Philosophy and Bag of Love for organizing this workshop.
Now i learned more about how to taking care of my skin to let it glow !

For more information please visit,

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