Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Mall Klang Parade to Explore !

Few weeks ago were invited to a new mall in Klang to explore. 
It's consider far from where I live.
It's going to reach the end part of the Klang.

After arriving Klang Parade, we were given a simple explanation of what's gonna happen today but not all because they wanna surprise us with more excitement.

All the bloggers were also given numbers.
Each participant have their own number.
I'm participant number 8 !

After that we were given a mall tour to explore Klang Parade :)
Other than simple walk around explore it, we also had some stages of mission to complete.
It's FUN !

There's a place for kids to have fun.
Love the decoration for this as the ground is made of sands.
*So Cute*

Wanna find some digital things, this will fulfilled your needs.
Other than that, most of the service providers outlet were also available here.
You can pay your bills here. It's convenient for people who stays in Klang.

Some shops that are selling vintage items.
Pretty Cool.

Our next stop is Next Hip Hop Avenue.
During this stage, all of us were given a envelope randomly.
Inside the envelope is a picture and we must get ourself dress similar with the picture inside the envelope.
We were only given 15 minutes.
Limited time, when they says starts everyone got so excited and trying to utilize their time to the max by rushing around the Next Hip Hop Avenue to complete the mission.

15 Minutes is not enough :(
I was running around like a mad lady to search for the items. :o
But then during the 15 minutes i managed to grab my outfit.
I can't find something exactly the same, 
this is the most similar thing i can get,
-This is the best i can get-
Meet Jessica :)
She's very friendly.

Group photo before leaving the place after the first challenge.
Congrats to the person who won in this challenge. :)

Next, we were brought to the place which full of foods.
We stopped at Don Kaiten for a Sushi Eating Challenge.
In the second challenge, I thought like finally OH SUSHI. :3
But then, it's not as easy as i thought.
All the sushi were filled with WASABI !
We must finish all the sushi including the edamame and finish up 1 bottle of drinking mineral water to win.
For the 3 people who finish up will win in this challenge.

At first i was so happy.
But after i heard it's Wasabi.. I'm like.........

When i started eating the first sushi, I know that i can't stand the power of wasabi :/
It's not kidding, the smell straight away went through my nose.
The second piece my tears were going to come out. 
I ate the third piece i can't stand it anymore so i just eat slowly.
Was suffering while eating :(

Okay, that's not the point.
I really salute the 3 people who won in this challenge.
It's so hard to swallow up those sushis. 
Congrats to those who won :D

For the third challenge we were landed in Beautyland.
The challenge is kinda easy.
We need to place a beauty mask on our partner face after that we need to doll ourself up with some sexy red lipstick. :x
All the bloggers were busying putting on the lipstick. :p

A selfie of me after putting on the lipstick.
I don't usually wear this kind of colour lipstick.
Normally i use pink or light colour lipstick.
*What do you think?* :p

A selfie with Jessica :)
Having lots of fun with her.

Lastly, we headed to Econsave for our last challenge !
All were given a trolley and a same list of item.
We need to get the item that is listed.
All the item must exactly the same as listed and there's remaining amount we need to add in to reach RM100 to win this challenge.
The first 3 person who reach the counter and the nearest to RM100 will win.
Over RM100 will be disqualified.

Thanks to my partner, LOL.
I won third place for this challenge and got RM100 voucher to shop at Econsave :)
* Most of the things were found by my partner* :o
Not much picture for this round because was rushing to grab the items. :D

A group picture with the fellow bloggers who joined this event before saying Goodbye ! :)
Nice meeting all of you :)
Have lots of fun during the challenge and exploring the mall.
Although it was tiring. HAHA.

Selfie again with Jessica and Amelia.
Both of them were nice and friendly :)
Thanks Jessica for sending me back because my mom left early.

Ends with #ootd .
Photo credits to Jessica :)

Wokay, i shall end here now.
BYE ! :)

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