Sunday, 15 June 2014

Launch of Vaseline Malaysia 'Dry Skin Restored' Campaign

Two weeks ago was invited to the Launch of Vaseline Malaysia 'Dry Skin Restored' Campaign.

Vaseline is one of Unilever's most established brands and continues to be a brand that is synonymous with care and nourishment.

The launch of Vaseline Malaysia ' Dry Skin Restored' Campaign

Vaseline Malaysia is embarking on the 'Dry Skin Restored' campaign to educate Malaysians with the aim of addressing the low level of awareness and priority amongst Malaysians on the benefits of keeping their skin moisturised.

With this campaign, it highlighted the importance of protecting our skin from skin dryness and to educate us that body moisturizing is not just a lifestyle choice but a daily necessity. 
The Vaseline Total Moisture range contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oat and cocoa butter and an innovative technology Stratys to deliver extended moisturization to the skin.
Their innovative technology is a revolutionary multi-layer complex that infuses and suspends moisture while delivering nourishment across skin's top, core and deep down layers of skin without feeling sticky.

Many of us do not know that even heat and humidity can leach moisture from the skin.
While in Malaysia, the weather conditions makes moisturizing as an important factor for maintaining a healthy skin.

We were taken on a tour of 3 specially constructed rooms that replicated environment commonly experienced by Malaysians that lead to dry skin. 
This is to let us experience and compare the moisture levels before and after entering the rooms

For the first room, we were brought to the scene that is replicated to Malaysia's hot and humid weather.
Doing some simple test for skin moisturizing level. 
Only 36% :x , low level :(

After the first room, we proceed to second room which is an air-conditioned room.
In the second room, my skin moisturizing level had dropped a bit.
This shows that in different environment the moisturizing level of our skin will drop.

For the third room we used some hot water to wash our skin and test on our skin moisturizing level after washing it. Even having shower, our skin moisturizing level will drop.

This proves that different environment will dry out our skin and makes moisturizer is an essential body care in our daily routine.

After walking through the 3 different rooms, we were given to try their skin moisturizer.
We tried on the essential moisture nourishing type. It doesn't feel sticky after applying it. 
After that, we had a test on our skin moisturizing level.
It does level up my skin moisturizing level as claimed.

End with some selfie pictures.
With Alice. First time chatting with her. She's friendly :)

With Grace. Met her few times before during events. Had fun chatting with her :)

With Miriam. Meeting her again :)

* Lastly, remember always use moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.
With a healthy skin it will make you look younger :D*

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  1. great meeting you again dear! Haha... see you soon in future events! :)
    p/s: your eyes so mesmerizing! :P

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