Friday, 23 May 2014

Laser Tag Party with Laser Warzone for the Butterfly Project Anniversary

Last weekend was glad to be invited to celebrate Butterfly Project 1st Year Anniversary.
Happy Birthday Butterfly Project. !

To celebrate their 1st year anniversary, they had organize a laser tag party with Laser Warzone.

Laser Warzone is located at eCurve.
Price are all stated on the screen.

If wanna know more info about the price please check their fb page :D

Before the laser tag game starts, they had prepared  foods for us to fuel up our energy for our battle later ! 

After waiting everybody to arrived, the Laser Tag Party finally began !

My very first laser tag " PEW PEW PEW " experience BEGAN.
I'm super excited because i love exploring new things :DD
-It's new to me- 

This is so much better compare to paintball as this is harmless and painless.

Highly recommended for outings with big bunch of friends or even family !

During the games there's tv screens available at the waiting zone for people to view the situation happening inside the war zone.

Another screen shows the score board.

Before the game start, the person who in charge had explained the details for the laser tag game.

After the briefing the game finally BEGANNN !

Before entering the war zone, you need to wear these.
*it's kinda heavy than i thought, at first i thought it will be very light :/*

Oh ya, and everyone had their own name. 
The name will show on the gun screen.

Inside the war zone you can't really see because it's dark.
You only can see those jacket with lights to aim for your targets.

*Becareful while you run*

Before the real game start, we had our first round to try .

During the game there's some background music make you dam HIGH. 

Shooting mood ONZ.

I keep running and hiding around during the game. 

I didn't know that this can makes you sweat - good workout game -
Even inside the battle zone is filled with air conds, after the first game i started sweating ._. 

It's fun but tiring hopping around just to shoot your targets.

Not forget to mention i'm in the Laserfly Team !

There's few rounds of battle for us to decide the winner team.

At first i thought that our team will be last since i heard our score kind of low during the first few rounds.


Our team had won CHAMPION !

Prize giving section (Y)

Laserfly Team 
* So proud of our team *

Another group photo :)


Partner in crime Ashleigh .

After the prize giving session we sang birthday song together.
I didn't manage to capture the picture's during that time because my Camera were inside the locker :/

Our Big Butterfly Family Photo :D


Wokay, now starts photo session taime . LOL.
With Miriam.

Miriam x Sandra

The so called "serious " pose. 

With Ashleigh

With Janice :)

I enjoyed and had my very first laser tag experience with these awesome people.
And lastly once again congratulation Butterfly Project for their First Year Anniversary ! :D

For more information please visit,

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