Thursday, 16 January 2014

Yadah's Chinese New Year Party

On the 4.1.2014
Lucky to be one of the choosen one to attend Yadah's Event.
Had a wonderful day participated Yadah's Chinese New Year Party with 48 Butterflies .

Chinese New Year coming soon.
A dash of red theme. 

The venue for this event is located in TTDI
Little Wonton.

Lots of Yadah's Cute Props prepared for bloggers to take pictures !

 All of them busy taking pictures :)

Drinks were served.

Banana Chocolate Wonton !

As promised, Yadah is 100% FREE from
- Artificial colouring
- Preservatives
- Mineral oils
- Sulphate
- Animal extracts

Elaine the Yadah's brand manager introducing Yadah.

Yadah is a range of skincare products based on natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs. 
Thus, It's a Korean FDA certified products which is non-greasy, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic.
Suitable for all skin type.

Lots of sample for us to try out.

Yadah have gentle yet effective formulas .
Suitable for young skin as this particular age range have more tender skin that is more vulnerable to harsh chemicals .

Lovely Lip Gloss 
[ RM19 ]
Total 5 Colours.
Available in Strawberry Milk, Peach Smoothie, Cherry Ade, Tropical Orange and Bling Bling Essence.

Brightening Ampoule and Collagen Ampoule
[ RM65 ]
I tried the ampoule and it's easy absorb moisturizing and weightless !
For Brightening Ampoule, it helps to reduce dark spots and pigmentation while preventing them from reappearing.
For Collagen Ampoule, it helps to restore elasticity of the skin and help repair damaged cells.

Lip Tint Balm Series
[ RM25 ]
Available in 4 Colours
Sugar Pink, Cherry Red, Bling Bling Yellow and Shiny Peach.

Their Bubble Deep Cleanser , Toner and Emulsion
The Vitamin Toner and Emulsion is enriched with orange and lemon extracts.
It's more suitable for oily or combination skin.
For the toner, it claims to give healthy glow skin and relieves skin from irritation.
And for the emulsion, it hydrates and protect skin thus leaves skin naturally moist, brightened and velvety soft

Photo credits to Yadah Malaysia Facebook Page
Their Bubble Deep Cleanser
[ RM49]
As shown in the picture above.
Their main ingredient is Opuntia Ficus which clinically proven to have strong anti-inflammatory and high potent anti-oxidant properties with natural hydrating benefits.
*Scroll down for the testing results*

Anti Trouble Series. 
Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser, Anti-T Toner, Anti-T Emulsion and Anti Trouble Spot
[ RM 35 - RM39 ]
This series is suitable for users who have acne skin problem.
For the Anti Trouble Spot, it claims to reduce pimples, blemishes and blackheads gently yet effective.

Cactus Series 
[ RM17- RM25]
Moisturising Cactus Mist
2 Different flavour
Available in Fresh Lime Scent and Fruit Garden Scent

Yadah's Brightening Mask and Nose Pack
Brightening Mask Suitable for all (Girls or Boy).
It claims to replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it soft, noticeably clearer and brighter.
For the Nose Pack, it's a peel-off strips that absorb dirt and oil to reduce the appearance of pores and blackheads.

Angel BB Cream
It's a multi-functional makeup base and primer with organic extract skincare properties.

It claims to have these benefits:
- Anti-Wrinkles
- Anti-oxidants
- Brightening
- UV Sun Protection
- Moisturizing
- Sebum Control

Hair Shampoo
[ RM45]
Delicately cleanses and purifies scalp without drying out the scalp leaving hair smelling naturally fresh and clean.

Body Lotion and Body Wash

Their Best Seller in Korea
 Sweet Milky Tint 
[ RM25 ]
Allergy-free, Non-sticky, Non-greasy
I tried it and i like the lip tint. 
It's not sticky :D
Thus the colour of the lip tint available in 2 colours.
Sweet Cherry and Sweet Pink
I personally like the sweet pink colour :)
Other than lip tint, it also can be use on the cheeks as blusher gives you a natural looking pink cheeks ! 

Photo credits to Yadah Malaysia Facebook Page
Their Mascara.
Available in Bloom or Highlash
Yadah's mascara is water-resistant and smudge-free !
Bloom gives a volume lash while the Highlash will helps to extend the lash length.

Now they are launching a new product.

- Colorless and highly moisturizing
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Weightless matte finish
- No makeup remover needed
-Formulated with Sebum Control

It's launching end on January 2014 !

It's key innovation 
> 70% water base
> FREE from 8 harmful chemical ingredients
> Contains natural ingredients
> Increased hydration level by 40%

After the intro of their new products, we had a testing session.
We had a simple test on these 3 different products.
I like B most.
It's easy to absorb and the smell of the cream is light and pleasant.
For B is their new product OH MY SUN BLOCK.

Test for Bubble Deep Cleanser
1. Using a liquid and pencil eye liner to draw on the hand and test.
2. Apply the Bubble Deep Cleanser.
3. Rub the bubble deep cleanser so it can wash off the make up.
4. Results: It's clean.

The bubble deep cleanser can act as a remover too. 
It's so convenient for those people who is lazy to use make up remover then wash face.
This can do both the same time ! :D

After the testing session, we had some games session.
2 Butterflies were chosen to participate.
It's an easy game. 
They need to put on Yadah's Milky Tint and eat finish a bowl of noodles within 30seconds.
Watch this video :D

After eating the bowl of noodle, their lip tint still stays on their lips .
This shows the lip tint can stay on sometime without the needs to keep reapply.
Even after eating it still stays on the lips.
Congrats to both of them.

All the pretty paper lantern.
We need to write our new year resolution on it :D

Spicy Thai noodle.
Used black charcoal noodle. :o
First time trying this.

Photo sessions time 
With Koey :)

The bloggers which sitting same tables with me :D
Koey, Kerchi, Keryi, Silviana, Ashleigh
All of them are pretty and friendly :)

Selfie with Koey.
She's so cute. 


With ILLY :D

With KERYI .
Saw her few times but first time talking to her . :D
She's super friendly !


Bengkak face :x

With Silviana.


With Mamasan.

With Ashleigh ! :D

Yadah's Goodies Bag.
And also my Lantern for New Year Resolution !

What's my resolution?
- Keep Fit
- Pass my ACCA !
- Stay Healthy 

Big thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing such a wonderful Chinese New Year Event 
Loves the decorations of the place,
 full of Chinese New Year atmosphere.
Had lots of fun trying out the products !

Special Thanks to,


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