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Kick Start Your Wordpress Blogging Journey With Serverfreak !

 On the same day of the high tea event as i mention in the earlier post (Butterfly High Tea)
Serverfreak had also gave us butterflies workshop about how to kick start your blogging journey .

 Explaining about the procedures and important points to build your own blog

Serverfreak is a Malaysia Web Hosting Company.
They specialize in providing web solutions for almost all range of purposes.
As their aim is to provide simple and affordable hosting solutions therefore you can start your blog anytime and anywhere without hesitating about the high cost !

As you see above the services which they are providing. 

These famous blogs which were hosted by Serverfreak.

Don't know what you need to start a blog ?

No worries, Serverfreak will solve your problem!

Things you need:

1. Web Hosting
2. Domain Name (.com/ .net/ .biz/ .my )
3. Wordpress Platform

How to Set Up a Wordpress Blog?

Now, there's some steps may help you. 

1st, you need to register domain name and updated nameservers.
2nd, create MSYQL Database & Username
3rd, Installing Wordpress
4th, Search for suitable templates, configure, setup ( design your blog )
5th, Install Plugins & Widgets ( add-ons to let it look more interesting )
6th which is the last step, you may start blogging !

Finding a bit confusing? Need some assists?

Now Serverfreak is introducing their Wordpress Easy Setup Package 
This Wordpress Easy Setup Package includes:

● 12GB Disk space
● 50GB of monthly bandwidth
● Unlimited Email Accounts
 *Now you can use your own blog name and your name as your e-mail account.* Isn't cool?!

Thus, you will also entitle for a FREE domain name for your Wordpress blog while you purchase this package
*Domain name limited to [ .com/ .net/ .org/ .info/ .biz ]

Furthermore, they will be giving 1 free template fully setup with basic widgets for you, so you can easily blog without setting up yourself the basics one.

Lastly, they will provide 24/7 technical assistance if you have any doubts about your blog, they may assist you to sort out your questions. !
Just email their technician team anytime anywhere.
It's so convenient :D 


 There's steps to enhance your blog design to make it more interesting to attract readers.

Steps for enhance your blog design as below:

- Simple, Reader Friendly, Your Unique Identity
- It's IMPORTANT to design your own logo or header that represents YOU
- Think of a background color or image
- Think of overall blog color scheme

*Before changing header*
Fear of having difficulties while adjust for your templates? 
No worries as Serverfreak's templates are versatile !

As below:

- You can design your own header & change it by yourself
- Thus, you can email them the background image you want to use as your blog template background
(They will help you to change it)
- And if you wanna change the navigation menu colour
( They will get it done for you )
The service provided above it's all FREE! (Included in the package)

What should I do while designing my own header??

Header designs is very important as it's represent your blog identity.
Adjust your size of header will help your blog to look better thus the size of header design will depends on the size allocated on your blog template !

After you designed your template you may go to appearance then click " browser " and upload the header that you designed.
Then click "Skip cropping publish Image as it is " so your design wont be cropped out.

* After changing header *
After you change your header. Looks better isn't it?
-You may refer the before picture above-

Others example as it shows that changing of the headers will make your blog looks more attractive.

Another example that will change the appearance after changing the headers.
*See the difference?*

After designing your headers, now we turn our focus to widgets.

What are widgets?
Basically they were the features you see on the RIGHT or LEFT COLUMN of a blog.

As example,
- Search Box
- Social Media Links
- Advertisement Space
- Facebook Fan Page
- Popular Posts
- Top commentators

And many many more !!!

1. Where do installed the widgets i want ?

- Note that not activated widgets are known as PLUGINS.
- To install your preferred widgets you can do it at your Wordpress Dashboard.
- As you can see on the picture 1, the Plugins button is located on the left sidebar, click on it and select 'Add Now'

2. Normally where do installed the widgets i want?
As in picture 2, you will see a list of the plugins available for the plugins that you search
 (There's more available if you search)

3. How to install your choice of plugins?
Click ' Active Plugin' to complete the installation process .
Successful Plugin has been activated as highlighted on picture 4.

 After installing the widgets, you may have questions for How and Where to Manage Widgets .

It's easy, you may 'click and drag' this widget to the main sidebar on the right as shown at the picture above. 

Some widgets that you choose would need you to fill up some relevant information before it can appear on your blog. 
As example, the picture above shows that Facebook plugin requires you to key in your Facebook URL and the width and height you wan to fit your blog column.
Once everything done, click 'Save'

TADA ! Your successfully installed widget will looks like this :)

For the Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package the widgets that comes with it will be the basics one which included:

- Search Bar
- Social Media Icons
- Recent Popular Post
- Archive List
- Categories
- Advertising Space
- Users Online Statistics

Here's the price information for the Serverfreak Wordpress Easy Setup Package.
For 1st year it will be RM298 & RM198 for the following year renewal.

-End of the blogging workshop-

Now it's time for lucky draw
Mamasan drawing lucky numbers

The lucky draw winners. Congratulations :)

As i'm a newbie in blogging, i had learn a lot from this workshop !
Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Serverfreak for giving me this opportunity to learn more about blogging. Had so much fun and enjoyed myself on that day. 
Thank you.

For further information please visit,


Butterfly Project Malaysia

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