Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Easy Way of Making Yummy Fruit Tarts !

Few days back attended Butterflies Pot Luck Xmas Party,
decided to bring fruit tarts !

So, a lazy person like me would always like shortcuts :x

I bought the ready made biscuit base from Bake with Yen.
Easy right? Save time.
I bought the mini ones. There's also the bigger size biscuit base available.

Ingredients for fruit tarts:
1. Instant custard powder
2. Fresh Whipping Cream
3/4. Fruits
I choose peach and pineapple. 
The ingredients i used can make up to 40 mini fruit tarts. (roughly guess)

For the custard you need 1 pack of 200ml fresh whipping cream and 100g instant custard powder.
For the fresh whipping cream use the mixer mix it till white and fluffy then only add on the instant custard powder mix for a while until well mixed ! * No water needed *
 Mix till this colour and you're done with the custard :)

 Scope the custard into the ready made biscuit base.

Add on the fruits which you prepared earlier .
TADA ! This is the final piece. 

Now you can make your very own fruit tart just with these easy steps :D
Convenient !

Gonna update about the xmas party soon !
It was FUN :D

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