Friday, 27 December 2013

Manmaru @ Mid Valley

 Manmaru is a homemade udon restaurant.
Recently opened inside Mid Valley Shopping Mall.
They are the first self-service concept udon restaurant in Malaysia.
It's located 2nd floor near Machines.

 Self service here :D
You may look on the top for the menus.
Other than udons they do serve tempuras too.
It's a opened kitchen type of restaurant, so customer can view the process of them preparing their food.

 Make your order and collect your udon here.

 Tempura section

Tempura section.
Serve yourself with the amount you want.

 Their Menu on top.
Do check out before ordering :)

Udons selection 
Curry Udon 
Large: RM12.90 / Small RM10.90
Udon with traditional Japanese curry
The curry have a sourish flavor and it's not really spicy, loves the thick and rich curry gravy.
One of my top picks among all

Kimchi Udon
Large: RM13.90 / Small: RM11.90
Korean style spicy noodle soup
This should be korea fans favourite. Kimchi soup, it's not too spicy kinda refreshing taste.

Niku Udon
Large: RM14.90 / Small: 12.90
Hot udon soup with thin sliced beef and spinach

Cream Corn Udon
Large RM14.90 / Small RM12.90
Light and sweet cream udon soup
This is very unique, first time trying something creamy mix with udon.
Love the creamy texture of the sauce, once you eat you will wan more :D
Super yummy !
My favourite among all !
Strongly recommend this :D

 Zaru Udon
Large RM10.90 / Small RM8.90
All time favourite cold noodle
Loves cold noodle? 
This may be your top picks.

Kamaage Udon
An " Al-dente" style udon with warm kamaage sauce

Bukake Udon
Large: RM11.90 / Small: RM9.90
Cold udon dash with thick fish broth

Kake Udon
Large RM10.90 / Small RM8.90
This is their classic soy udon
I personally thinks this is good . 
A must try !

Kamo Seiro Udon
Large RM15.90 / Small RM13.90
Udon with duck gravy and meat.

Ume Udon
Large RM12.90/ Small RM10.90
Udon served with pickled plum
Something very new to me
Can give it a try.

Wide varieties of udon.
Their udons are all freshly made and served.
Eat it within 15 minutes to taste the original awesomeness of the udons !

Now it's Tempura Section
Enoki Tempura
Deep fried mushroom 

Ebi Tempura
Deep fried prawn till golden crispy colour
My top picks for tempura.
The prawn is fresh and juicy chewy with a crispy outer layer
Favourite among all !

Ika Karaage
Deep fried squid

Yasai Kakaige Tempura
RM1.80/ pcs
Deep fried mix vegetables
The mix vegetables were a good combination.
It's combination of 7 types of vegetables (if i'm not mistaken)
Thumbs up for this !

White Fish Tempura

Satsuma-Ima Tempura
Deep fried sweet potato

Renkon Tempura
RM1.50/ pcs
Deep fried lotus root.
The lotus was kinda hard ._.

Tori Karaage
Traditional Japanese Fried Chicken

Nasu Tempura
Deep fried Brinjal

Green Pepper Tempura

Hanjuku Tamago
Soft boiled egg marinated with soya sauce.
SUPER satisfied with this !

Manmaru's Manager
Learned lots of udon knowledge from him and he's very friendly :)

Meet Taufulou :D

Next time if don't know what to eat inside Mid Valley Mall, try out this udon restaurant.
Price reasonable, worth a visit ! :D

S-045A, Center Court, Second Floor, Midvalley City Mall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Easy Way of Making Yummy Fruit Tarts !

Few days back attended Butterflies Pot Luck Xmas Party,
decided to bring fruit tarts !

So, a lazy person like me would always like shortcuts :x

I bought the ready made biscuit base from Bake with Yen.
Easy right? Save time.
I bought the mini ones. There's also the bigger size biscuit base available.

Ingredients for fruit tarts:
1. Instant custard powder
2. Fresh Whipping Cream
3/4. Fruits
I choose peach and pineapple. 
The ingredients i used can make up to 40 mini fruit tarts. (roughly guess)

For the custard you need 1 pack of 200ml fresh whipping cream and 100g instant custard powder.
For the fresh whipping cream use the mixer mix it till white and fluffy then only add on the instant custard powder mix for a while until well mixed ! * No water needed *
 Mix till this colour and you're done with the custard :)

 Scope the custard into the ready made biscuit base.

Add on the fruits which you prepared earlier .
TADA ! This is the final piece. 

Now you can make your very own fruit tart just with these easy steps :D
Convenient !

Gonna update about the xmas party soon !
It was FUN :D

Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014 - Butterfly Project Malaysia x Yadah -

2013 seems to be ending real soon !

One more week to go till the end of 2013 !

2013 have been treating me not bad lately but then 

Time to welcome 2014 ,

New Year New Resolutions :D

What's my Beauty Resolutions for 2014?

- Stay Young
As i'm getting older. Gonna hit my early 20 next year T.T

- Keep Fit
Been eating too much, need to slim down for Chinese New Year D:

- Hunt for new beauty products which suits my skin condition
Knowing a new products that suits you is important.
For me, a good skincare will be my best buddy to keep my skin stay young and healthy.
The products which I prefer will be natural, chemical-free, organic , no artificial coloring.

YADAH will be collaborating with Butterfly Project Malaysia for letting the butterflies experience a hands on session and discover more about the natural goodness of Yadah Skincare and Cosmetics. 

Hope to participate in this event ! (Y)

Little Bits of Yadah
Yadah is a skincare product originates from Korea.
It aims to offer gentle yet effective botanical skincare range.

YADAH's Biography

Yadah uses 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oils, sulphate and animal extracts, natural plant ingredients.
Yadah products are certified by the Korean FDA with Ecocert.
Their products are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones !
Especially for teenagers and young adults.

At last, special thanks to Yadah x Butterfly Project Malaysia .

Find out more ,

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Gift from Natta Cosme

Surprise christmas gift received from Natta Cosme Today !

Lovely Christmas Packaging.
Christmas atmosphere overloaded ! 

Heart warming message from Natta Cosme.
I'm Princess Melody :D

Things inside the christmas gift:

1. Cute Polka Dot Ribbon Clip
2. New Year Ang Pow Packs (CNY coming soon !)
3. Greeting Card
4. Baviphat Grape Juicy Mask Sheet
5. Certificate
6. Baviphat Green Tea Juicy Mask Sheet
7. Christmas Card
Oh ya, there's also candy sticks.

Gonna try out the mask soon ! :D
Thank you Natta Cosme for the Christmas Gift ! 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ninetology U9 R1 Review

This time is my first time review phone. 
If i make any mistake please forgive me :x

Ninetology U9 R1.

Their packaging were made with premium gift box.


GSM900 / 1800 MHZ
WSDMA 900 / 2100 MHZ

1.2GHz Quad Core
Qualcomm Snapdragon 200

Operating System
Android 4.1

Resolution 960x540
Full Touch Screen

External Storage - Support up to 32 GB

Back 8.0 MP
Front 2.0 MP


1600 mAh
Talk time up to 8 hours
Stand-by time up to 177 hours


Red , Black

Unboxing the package.
Inside the package there's R1 and accesories box.

Under the phone box:

 1. Quick Start Guide
2. Front Screen Protector
3. Back Screen Protector
(Both screen protector is clear)
4. Transparent plastic handphone back protector
5. Warranty Card
6. Battery

Inside Accessories Box :

1. Earpiece
2. Charger
3. USB cable

Homescreen of R1
Sleek design.
The screen colour is sharp and clear.

Back View of the phone
Sporty outlook with Sexy Red Colour

I can hold the phone with one hand
The phone is very light.
Handy design

Their very own style Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) to ensure the ultimate slimness 
Width 62.9mm
Height 126.3mm
Depth 7.8mm

1. Lock screen/ On off button
2. Earpiece Plugin and Docking Port
3. Volume button

To unlock the screen you need to slight to the right side.
Different direction will enable you to open other apps as shortcut.

Build in apps

The front camera is 2MP.
While the back camera is 8MP.

Both were taken with the Back Camera. (8MP)
Under the same light condition.
Left picture without flash, Right picture with flash.
For the back camera the picture quality is good.

This was taken with the front camera.(2MP)
The left taken under normal lighting condition, the right taken under white light condition.

So far i used the phone for 2 days the phone is running smoothly and don't have any problem.
Thus the design of the phone is fine, i find this phone is very light easy to hold and the price is reasonable. Recommend for those who are looking for budget nice camera phone .

If you wanna get further information and updates , 
Please Visit:

Now they are doing Promotion