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Wonder Food Adventure @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall, Part 1

Photo credits to 1 Utama Shopping Centre Facebook Page.

This November is the month  for Wonder Food at 1 Utama Shopping Mall.
Happening from 4 - 23 November 2013. 
So do drop by to have some fun activities and foodies which awaiting you !

Photo credits to 1 Utama Shopping Centre Facebook Page.

1 Utama It's all in one !

Photo credits to 1 Utama Shopping Centre Facebook Page.
1 Utama Shopping Mall is the World's 4th Largest Mall.

Now shoppers can visit 1 Utama's Food Street to satisfy their food cravings addiction without travelling far.

Photo credits to 1 Utama Shopping Centre Website

1 Utama is having ONECARD as their loyalty card.
Join now to enjoy more privileges and rewards while shopping and dining in 1 Utama Shopping Mall.
You will be rewarded with endless shopping privileges with ONECARD!

Earn 1 Upoint for every RM1 spent at ONECARD participating outlets. You may accumulate and redeem UPoints like cash to pay for instant purchases, meals, services and entertainment.
Thus, it also can be used as a prepaid parking ticket which is more eco-friendly and gain exclusive entry to members only parking.

Wonder Food Adventure?
There's 50 selected bloggers and basically we will have a hop on and off food hunt experience at 1 Utama food street to explore the food outlets inside the shopping mall.

Participating F&B Outlets for Wonder Food Adventure

LG Promenade

SS2 Goreng Pisang
Ninja Joe
Seaweed Club
I Love Yoo
Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo
Oyster King
Mr Cendol
Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

LG Highstreet

BBQ Chicken
Food Box
Viva American Pizza 

It happens on the 16 November 2013.
Booth to register for the WONDER FOOD ADVENTURE.
The food hunt starts from 11am to 4pm !

Thanks 1 Utama for the freebies.
Christmas atmosphere overloaded !
Snowman pillow <3

The FOOD PASSPORT to access the selected food outlets in One Utama.

Get chops stamped here after visiting !

Food adventure @ 1 Utama Food Street Starts NOW !

First Stop,



-Ninja mood ONs-
Ninja Joe is an original Japanese quick serve concept burger joint.
Best known for their PORK BURGER. !

Craving for pork burgers or pork meals but rushing due to time constraint?
This is the ideal place for you to drop by for some porkylicious fast meal.

They are having promotions for their burger now.

There are also bento, hotdogs and sandwiches available other than burgers.
For those who prefer rice as a hearty pork meal go for BENTO ! ~

You can check out the menu which is available on top of the order counter.
They will only make the burgers when you order, so it's quality assured.

Hikkori Burger
Fresh BBQ patty with juicy and meaty pork.

Eat like a ninja .

 LG-113, 1 UTAMA SHOPPING MALL (Food Street, below Isetan)

Second Stop,

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights is a korean homestyle cooked food korea restaurant.
They serve varieties of korea food range from rice. noodle, drinks and desserts.
Best place to get your korean addicts FIXED here !

Kim Chi Ji Gae
Thick and rich Kim Chi Stew with healthy brown rice.
It also comes with 3 side dishes.
People who loves spicy meal will love this.

Chicken Bi Bim Bap
Rice mixed with vegetables, chili paste and chicken.
Comes with Soup and Side dishes.

Hearty meal to have during lunch or dinner.

Korean meal craving satisfied @ 1 Utama Food Street, Ko Hyang.
Healthy and hearty korean food served here !

LG116, One Utama Shopping Mall Lower Ground Floor.

Third Stop,

I LOVE YOO ! 老油鬼鬼

I Love Yoo ! served scrumptious traditional chinese favourites.
After long hours of shopping at 1Utama , you should be feeling hungry and tired?
 Get your light meal fixed here.
Porridge? Fried Bun? Sesame Ball and more to choose.

Tau Foo Far were also available here !

Set meals were available too.

Fried You Tiao, Fried Bun, Sesame Balls and more to choose. 
Come here for some chinese light meal or fried food craving checked!

You Tiao, Sesame Ball and Homemade Soya bean.

Crispy deep fried freshly made You Tiao found here.
Crunchy outside soft on the inside.

Peanut and Red Bean Sesame Ball.
The sesame ball inside was filled with lots of peanut and red bean.
Sweet tooth craving fixed CHECKED. !


Lot 312C, 1 Utama Shopping Centre(New Wing).

Fourth stop,

SS2 Goreng Pisang 炸蕉黄

SS2 Goreng Pisang is well known for their fritter snacks.
As goreng pisang is a classic malaysian all time favourite snacks !
You no need to travel to SS2 just to get this as it had landed in 1 Utama.

Fried snacks overloaded !
All sorts of Malaysia fried food were available here.

The fried snacks were fried till yellow golden colour .

Do check out the menu on the wall.
Lots of varieties to choose from.
*Hard to decide* 

Their best seller Fried Banana
and also Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake Layer with Yam and Sweet Potato.

It's super crispy and yummy.
Get your fried snacks satisfaction here as you may be spoiled by the varieties available here.

Can't stop eating it as it tastes SO GOOD !

LGK112, 1 Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)

Fifth Stop,

Oyster King

Oyster King famous for their fried oyster.
Fried oyster is a well known in coffee shops or hawker stalls.
No worries, now you can get at 1 Utama !
There were also range of food to choose to get your oyster craving fixed.

The process of them cooking the fried oyster is available for customer to view .

Their signature Fried Oyster.
Juicy fresh oyster with egg .

Oyster King a place for oyster lover !

LGK 113, LG Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Mall.

Sixth Stop,

Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo 得意酿酿

Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo sells homemade delicious yong tau foo.
The yong tau foo here were made with fresh fish paste.
Pleasant for a simple meal.

They offers varieties of Yong Tau Foo from fried stuff like fu chuk, wantan, brinjal and more.
Thus, there were non-fried yong tau foo available too for a more healthy option.

A closer view of the Yong Tau Foo.
Self-service style, choose your yong tau fu put inside the plate provided and hand it over to the counter for them to cook for you.

TADA, Yong Tau Foo served !
Affordable meal to filled your hungry tummy here !

LGK115, 1 Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)

Seventh Stop,

Mr Cendol

Now you can get cendol inside a shopping mall at 1 Utama !
For a better and comfortable environment to enjoy a chilling ice cendol dessert.

Mr Cendol sells malaysia well known dessert Cendol.
Different styles of cendol were available.

You can choose to add the amount of sugar yourself as the gula melaka was provided at the table.

LGK109, 1 Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)

Eighth Stop,


Wanna have a break after tired shopping at 1 Utama?
Bisou bake shop may be your choice for a lovely tea time place.
Bisou sells wide range of pretty cupcakes and cakes.
This may be your perfect spot for you to stop by to relax.

The environment of the shop was comfortable.

Lovely pink.

Dream Come True Square
Pretty rainbow cakes available . !

Pretty decorations.

Cupcake of the Month.

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.
Filled with rich chocolates and pretty colourful star sprinkles on top of the cupcake.

Not a fan of cupcakes?
You may opt for their cakes as an alternative.

Pretty gift box were available.
A place for you to choose gift for your loved ones. :)

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Blonde Velvet
White rainbow cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet
Red chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Pink Lemonade
Vanilla cake with pink lemon frosting.
On top of the frosting have this cute mini straw as a decoration.

Pretty Cupcakes.
Which one will you choose? 

LGK105, 1 Utama Shopping Mall 

This is only the part 1 of the food adventure, there's lots more to go for Part2.

Gonna update soon for more. 


Had a wonderful saturday day spent.
Special thanks to 1 Utama and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing this awesome event.

For any further information, kindly visit the link below :)

Photo credits to 1 Utama Shopping Centre Website

 1 Utama 

Photo credits to 1 Utama Shopping Centre Website

♥ One Card 

Photo credits to The Butterfly Project Malaysia Facebook Page

♥ The Butterfly Project 

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