Friday, 8 November 2013

Japanese Gosuto Village for Halloween @ 1 Utama

It's Saturday ! <3

Went 1 Utama 

Didn't know there's a mini fair happening for halloween. Lucky Me ! :)

It's located @ 1 Utama, Ground Floor Highstreet. There's other activities too.


It's "Pictures TIME" :D

One Eye Monster. :p

Broom Stick . I find it kinda cute . HEHE

Long neck with big eyes and sexy lips :x

There were vendors selling halloween costume.


Cute and creepy halloween plush toys on sale .

Halloween Cupcakes.

Red umbrella . Not creepy but cute :D

Mini bridge with bats hanging up there.


Love the design of the broom stick.

Cave Mens.

The hanging neck doll? Hmm..

Halloween mask. -SAW- *SCARY*

The mini bridge. Adorable frogs.

Sasa beauty fair also happening on that day.

 My dinner, Sushi King.

Errr..... Not my taste.

Bento . Salmon, Chicken

Ate the red bean pan cake with green tea ice cream too.

Spent my Saturday well! :)


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