Monday, 4 November 2013

Food Hunt @ Setia Alam Night Market

After the churpout event. Went to this night market since it's not far from the mall.
Setia Alam, Klang Night Market.
 Longest Night Market in Malaysia. ( I think so?)
It opens every Saturday night.
Around 2.4KM long. :o
This night market was kinda happening, lots of people although after heavy rain.
Half were like chinese vendors and another half of the night market were basically malay vendors.

[Night market] My favorite place to search for yummy snacks and of course foods.!

Surprise me that this night market have Bear Paw Bun 熊掌包 ! (Taiwan food snacks)
They have set meal . It comes with drink + bear paw bun.

The menu got PANDAN flavor?!
Never see before pandan flavor at bear paw cafe.
You can choose what bun you want and the sauce you like from the menu.

Decided go for Pandan Bun + BBQ sauce 
-Green colour bun-
*My bear paw bun* 

Crispy fried chicken + tomato + BBQ sauce. YUMMEHH ! 
The fried chicken taste super good *CRISPY*, bun was soft and fluffy not really much pandan taste though.
It's like eating taiwan fried chicken with bun.


Spot the Stinky Tofu Stall at the end of the night market.

Stinky Tofu. 臭豆腐
You can smell the weird smell when you walk near.

Minimum order 4 pieces. 

Fried Stinky Tofu.

It comes with chili sauce and some veggie on top.

The moment you eat the tofu you can't really smell the stinky weird smell.
The veggie was nice, chili sauce was spicy and the tofu was CRISPY !
It doesn't taste bad as the smell. 
Can give it a try :)

There are sits beside provided for customers to sit.

Saw lots of people lining up for this Pan Mee stall.

Japanese pizza and Fried oyster stall.

The stall which sells bun.

Flavor Man Taos.

Bought the Bao. 
Taste ok.

Asam Laksa stall.

Take away for the asam laksa.

The asam laksa was pretty nice. 

Bakery vendor selling SUSHI CAKE.

Looks like SUSHI. HAHA. 
But actually is cake with carrot and mayo sauce wrap together with seaweeds.

Not a bad idea for this combination.
This sushi cake doesn't taste weird at all.
It doesn't taste like cake .
I kinda like this sushi cake.

Walking the night market was tired. There were lots of other vendors. 
Didn't try out all because of too many varieties of food to choose. 
If got the chance gonna get back here to try out others.

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