Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Flowery Breakfast @ Flora & Fauna, Perth

Flora and Fauna at Perth.
I found this while google for nearby nice cafe to visit.
It's a very nice place to visit if you love to take pretty photos for instagram.

People who loves healthy food definitely should pay here a visit.
Furthermore it's a vegan friendly cafe.

They use fresh organic fruits as their ingredients too. :)

It's an outdoor cafe.
During my visit the weather was chilling.
Hipster place spotted.

Order and pay at the counter.
They'll send your order to your table.

 They do sell desserts too.
The selections was displayed at front counter.

Chai Latte

A must for me whenever I visit Aussie.

Banana bread with Nutella and lots of fresh fruits.
The decorations of the food here is tip top.
It's very instagram worthy.

The banana bread is not too sweet.

Something kinda new to me.
Because some of the fruits were sour.
Mix feeling when eating this ><"

 Apple crumble with lots of fresh fruits.

The portion for the food is quite ok for the price paid.

Overall everything not bad.
A healthier option for breakfast :D

Oh yea.
I also wanna share this gelato shop.
Same area also, walking distance.

Chicho Gelato.
It's all homemade gelato.
And the menu flavors will change frequently.

You can test before you buy.

I picked Lavender and Honey Comb with Rosewater, White Chocolate and Pistachio.
I must say that this is one of the best gelato i had tasted so far.
The flavor is very unique.

The combinations were well mixed.

Taste very refreshing and creative.

One of the cons are the gelato melts kinda fast and portion was a lil small :/

Friday, 7 April 2017

Line Friends Store and O'Sulloc Tea House @ Seoul, Korea

Another place checked.
LINE Friends Store, Myeongdong.
Busy street as usual.

Super adorable sweet treats available at the entrance.

Another thing not to missed while visiting here.


Everyone does take a picture with this bear before stepping in the shop.
So be patient while waiting the queue to take photo.

Picture with da LINE bear.

Sweet treats at the entrance of the shop.

Everything in this shop is just so so so tempting !!
But but...
Can't buy everything :(
So just bought some little souvenirs from this shop.

Line bear hairband.
So cute <3

Bought myself ice cream.
*Taste normal*
But nice to take picture xD

Short video while in Line Friends Store.

Spent about an hour at the line shop next destination the Korea famous O'Sulloc Tea House.

A green tea fan must not missed this.

Basically a green tea heaven inside this shop.

Drinks to food, everything is about GREEN TEA ! <3

Limited seats available.

Ordered their green tea frap and cake to try.

Nothing wow me. 
Ordinary , but did bought few bottles of their green tea spreads.
I felt the spreads were too sweet for me ><"

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Famous Kiss the Tiramisu Ice Cream @ Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

The busy street Hongdae crowded with youngsters and people.
Although it's late night but still very happening.
Somewhere you can shops for clothes and trendy stuff.
You can basically find everything here. !

 Beside Tony Moly shop.
Passed by and saw this Kiss the TIRAMISU shop.
Lots of people waiting in the queue.
So i've decided to join the crowd also.

I wonder how it taste since the queue is kinda long.

After the long wait, finally my turn :D

It's a small shop. They don't have any sits available for you to enjoy your ice-cream.
So it's for takeaway only :/

They shaved the cocoa powder and make the ice-cream infront of you.

The making of Kiss the TIRAMISU ice-cream.


I ordered the original one.

It's well presented

The ingredient used were fresh.

It even have mascarpone cheese inside the ice-cream.
The espresso taste just goes well with the ice cream.
Rich and creamy texture 

9-1 Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu Seoul, Korea

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Poulet Chicken @ Hongdae, Seoul

So today i'll talk about my past short trip in Korea.

My sister local korean friend had suggested to have dinner at this Poulet Chicken at Hongdae area.
It's also very well known among the locals.

The shop location is inside somewhere of the streets of Hongdae which i also didn't know the direction to there.

I just follow them along.
We walked quite some distance from the main street to this restaurant.

This Poulet Chicken shop is very well known for their chicken dishes.
Especially the carbonara chicken.

After a hectic day.
Before having our meal.

Beers please :x

I seldom drink beer but since we're having chicken.
Korean used to have beers and chicken for their meals.
It does a good combination.


Their beers are light and refreshing, so it's acceptable for me.

Fries with cheese sauce.


Carbonara Chicken 
They fried the chicken and top with generous amount of creamy carbonara sauce and some onions on top.
The portion is very big.
Even though 4 of us struggle to finish the food.

It's so so so sinful.
Every bite was so so so satisfying

They also have some side dish for us to eat while waiting for the main course.

Pay a visit here if you're at Hongdae area.

Their food is super comforting :p

Friday, 10 March 2017

情家 BBQ Restaurant @ 明洞 Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea

Went to Myeondong for brunch.
Walk around and don't know what to eat.
So happened passed by and saw flyers of this shop so we went in and give it a try.

It's located at 2nd floor of the shop lots.

I think it's newly opened.

Anyway the place is very clean and tidy.
Comfortable sittings also.

I've ordered this Pork Ribs Set.
It comes with few side dish and also rice and soup.

Everyone of us ordered the ala-carte menu.
BBQ menu also available.

I forgot the name already. ><"

The staff here were polite and friendly too.
There's a lady able to speak in Chinese and she did explain their menu to us patiently :)

Overall not bad and nice environment.
Furthermore there's very little customer on that day I visited this place.
So not crowded at all.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Pantry @ Lorong Kurau, KL

Cafe hopping is one of my free time favorite hobby.

Finding good food during weekend it's a must !

Although this cafe have been around quite sometime but i didn't visit before.

It's been some time i've been eyeing for this cafe since it's kinda popular for the Rose Croissant.
Rose & Raspberry Croissant with Homemade Raspberry Coullis 

It's a very instagram worthy piece of croissant.
The pink color croissant does catch most of the girls heart <3
It's also their signature thing, the must order recommended in the menu.

The Pantry Breakfast

Took the scrambled egg instead of poached egg :D
Sauteed portobello mushroom,cherry tomatoes and wholemeal sourdough toast.

Portobello Florentine

I love love love portobello.
So when i saw this on the menu i'm like :DDD
Must order and try ^^

This is gluten free .
Felt healthier taking this :p
It comes with 2 poached eggs, wilted spinach & melted cheddar on the portobello mushroom.

The ingredients were perfectly match each other .

Another cafe hoping checklist checked :)

9, Lorong Kurau, Bukit Pantai,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59100

Opening on 
Mon-Thu (10AM-9PM)
Fri-Sun (9AM-9PM)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

云海小聚 Wanhoi Yamcha @Sky Avenue, Genting Highland

It's been sometime since i've visited Genting Highland.
It used to be my last time night time hangout place for Starbucks years back :D

Since now there's this Sky Avenue just opened at Genting, there's another reason for me to pay a visit.

The Sky Avenue have lots of other trending eats like Llao Llao, Gindaco and more.

Since i'm craving for dimsum, so decided to try this Wanhoi Yamcha.
It's inspired by Oversea Restaurant.
The plate design.
3D fish inside the plate.

Phoenix Pastry with Lotus and Egg Yolk

I loved the design of this pastry, it comes with this cage !
So adorable.
But still i gonna eat it :D

Other than looking good, but it does taste good also.

BBQ Pork Steamed Bun

Cute piggys spotted . 

Another highlight food for egg yolk lovers !

Salted Egg Yolk Steamed Bun

Other than this dimsum i also ordered other food, most of the food taste par to their standard.

Wanted to try their charsiews but we're too early for that.
Maybe next time :/

*The price stated above are all price for Genting member*

It's located at Level T2, Sky Avenue.

*It's a corner shop near Gindaco*